First medical marijuana dispensary opens on the Treasure Coast

First medical marijuana dispensary opens on the Treasure Coast

The first medical marijuana dispensary in the Treasure Coast is now open.

Trulieve opened Thursday morning in Vero Beach.

“It’s our busiest opening we’ve had yet,” said Victoria Walker, Trulieve community relations specialist.

They opened at 10 a.m., but had people waiting outside since 6 a.m. and have had a three hour wait all day.

However, one woman said it was well worth the wait.

Diane Russano used to have to travel to get her CBD oil, but now can just go down the road.

“I had to go to Orlando,” she said. “It’s quite a trip for someone in my condition. We have to stop four times.”

Russano uses medical marijuana because she is in a lot of pain. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years go.

“I went 15 years as a survivor. It’s back. Stage four in my bones. It’s very painful,” she said.

She also had a stroke four years ago. Plus, she has fibromyalgia, RA and severe arthritis.

To help with the cancer, she gets infusions every few months and takes pills. However, she said the only thing that helps is the CBD oil.

“I can’t sleep without it, literally cannot sleep,” Russano said.

That’s why she was so happy the Trulieve opened.

“I need this. What I have is all nerve conditions,” Russano said. “You can’t fix nerves. It’s not like you go in and remove something. It’s nerve endings that are shot. I can’t walk. Literally if I don’t have my cane, I’m in a walker.”

Russano said she knows she can get other pain killers, but doesn’t want to be high, only out of pain.

“The only thing opioids would do is addict me to them. I’ve been there. I’ve done it. It doesn’t work,” she said. “This stuff works and my cancer is in check. For two years, I’ve been vaping and it’s not in any of my major organs and that’s a big accomplishment.”

Trulieve was packed with other patients who have other health conditions.

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