Anxiety Relief? Here are 10 Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally


According to a recent poll from the American Psychiatric Association, nearly 40 percent of Americans are more anxious than they were exactly one year ago, which is extremely worrying. 

Putting the reasons for this increase in anxiety aside, let’s talk about what people are doing to relieve their anxiety: Taking tons of prescription sedatives, which is not a good thing. 

Obviously, if you really need it, prescriptions are a godsend, but it’s always best to find natural remedies instead of using pharmaceuticals since they’re all a double-edged sword. While they help with one symptom, they may cause another. 

So, if you struggle with anxiety or panic disorders—and since we all get stressed out every now and then—here are 10 natural ways to relieve anxiety, backed by science. 

1. Breathe Deeply


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