Anti-Cannabis U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns

Michael Hiller said, “The resignation of Jeff Sessions – a modern-day ‘Joseph McCarthy to the medical cannabis movement’ – will likely have little or no impact on the Federal Cannabis Lawsuit, particularly given that his acting successor, in a 2009 resignation letter to then President Obama, boasted of having successfully prosecuted cannabis drug offenses while serving as the U.S. Attorney for Iowa. If he shares the outgoing AG’s perspective on Cannabis, as seems to be the case, we won’t see any change policy and thus there wouldn’t be any change in the lawsuit. If, however, he sees what 33 states and the FDA already have recognized – that Cannabis provides medical and wellness benefits – he will seek to reschedule or de-schedule it. That could conceivably have an impact. Only time and circumstances will tell. And regardless, the entire situation will be thrown up into the air, and we’ll be asking those same questions, again when a permanent replacement is nominated and confirmed.”

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