Kail’s new hair line. Pothead, CBD oil infused hair products : TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

thank god, I wont have an anxious scalp anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No but really as someone who partakes in both THC and CBD for various medicinal purposes, you need a LOT of CBD to make any sort of difference after the first dose or two because you get used to the lower doses real quick. Any sort of anxiety/mood relief is probably because of the trace amounts of THC in your product (theres no manufactured cannabanoids in the US so everything has to be extracted in some form or another from plants). Hemp itself does have a good amount of vitamin E which can be good for the skin, but to make any big difference you need to take a lot as a supplement.

I. Really do not see the benefit of CBD hair products. There’s barely any peer-reviewed research as to the benefits of THC or CBD medicinally so there’s nothing about it for consumer products like this. There is weed lube and its something like 800 mg THC/bottle, so the amount you use normally will absolutely get you high if you ingest it, but this? This is just stupid just go to a hair salon ask them for something.

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