Alliance Growers Corp (OTCMKTS:ALGWF) Bolstering Strategy As It Gears Up For The Anticipated Expansion Of The Cannabis Industry – MMJ REPORTER

Alliance Growers Corp (OTCMKTS:ALGWF) is slowly marking its territory in the cannabis
industry together with its partner, Pharmagreen. In
the first instance, the two cannabis giants co-developed the Cannabis Biotech
Complex. Notably, the firms intend to cultivate cannabis using the latest
technology and with the highest standards.

Biotech Complex

the firms began work on the site in late October 2018. According to the firms,
the site would be “engineered with 100% redundancy to ensure there is no
disruption to the operations 365 days a year.” According to Alliance Grower’s
CEO, Dennis Petke, the commencing of groundwork on the site was pivotal for
both partners.

the fruits of the facility are already coming to the fore. According to reports,
Alliance Growers and
its partners are growing genetically perfect plantlets at the facility.
Notably, the Cannabis Biotech
Complex will provide plantlets for production of pure CBD products. In
particular, the site is explicitly growing crops of the Dana Strain known for
99% pure CBD oil.

In addition to the joint venture, ALGWF is growing
ACMPR in Canada via BioCannaTech, a
wholly-owned subsidiary. Notably, production of ACMPR will help Alliance
Growers to provide hemp flower for the extraction of CBD oil.

Growers anticipates an expanded cannabis industry

In another strategic move, the firm entered an
agreement with Spyder Vapes Inc., a retail store with huge market share. The
retail store chain has a footprint in the upscale market and retails at
competitive prices. According to Alliance Growers, the retail store will
distribute cannabis products produced by all companies affiliated to the firm.
Notably, the deal puts the firm and its affiliates a step ahead of the curve in
the rapidly expanding industry.

Alliance Growers expected the cannabis industry to substantially
expand in the coming years especially after favorable legislation last year.
Notably, 2018 will go down as a critical year to the industry after the U.S.
passed the 2018 Farm Bill. On the other hand, Canada legalized the cultivation,
production, and distribution of marijuana in the same year. Therefore, the
legal status of marijuana in Canada and hemp in the U.S. will boost the market.

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