SC lawmakers try their chances again; bills filed for 2019 legislative session repeat from 2018

COLUMBIA, SC – The 2019 legislative session is in gear, and several South Carolina lawmakers are trying their chances again at getting bills passed.

Bills not passed by both the South Carolina Senate and House of Representatives by the time session ends die. And the only way lawmakers will see the bills again is if the bill is refiled. 

Last year, Senator Harvey Peeler filed a bill to do away with daylight saving time. The bill never made it out of committee, but it will be back up for discussion this year. 

Senator Peeler prefiled the bill ahead of the session. And some residents are already talking about the possible change.

Daniel Bletard said, “I think that would mean it would mess up a lot of people because there would be a lot more darkness than most of the year and people would be like ‘hey whats happening?’ Daylight saving time balances things out so I think we should keep it.”

Another bill lawmakers and residents may be familiar with deals with the execution of prisoners.

Right now, inmates have the option to die either by lethal injection or the electric chair. But with a shortage of lethal injection drugs, lawmakers are proposing once again to make the electric chair as the default option. 

Senator Tom Davis from Beaufort is refiling his bill that deals with removing barriers for the study of medical marijuana. 

The bill generated a lot of discussion and testimony statewide. 

“What I learned after getting the CBD oil law passed in 2014. I learned that there are a lot of other medical uses for cannabis that depend on THC like Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy and also useful in pain management instead of taking opioids which is a real big problem right now,” added Senator Davis. 

The medical marijuana bill made it out of the medical affairs committee; however, session ended before lawmakers could discuss the bill on chamber floors. 

All bills filed for this year will have to start from the bottom, which means the bills will have to be passed Senate and House committees before it can be presented on the State House floor. 

The personhood bill is another bill lawmakers will have to review once again. 

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