The next gold rush? Some believe it’s the CBD business

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Selling hemp and hemp-derived products are becoming a budding business, with a shop blossoming in our backyard. 

Some analysts are calling the cannabidiol, or CBD, business the next gold rush. The 2018 Farm Bill signed by President Trump makes hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD legal in all 50 states. 

Business owner Evan Somogyi just opened a shop in Midlothian, Kultivate Wellness, that has several different products with CBD: bath products, honey, chocolate, as well as traditional CBD oils. 

“These are the gummies,” Somogyi said while showing 8News around Kultivate Wellness. “We have bath bombs, body creams, body butters. Our main focus is on CBD products.” 

CBD is the medical part of the hemp plant and many swear by the health benefits. 

“CBD is not going to get you high,” Somogyi explained. 

James Brooks begged to work at Kultivate Wellness after he says CBD cream relieved his aches and pains. 

“I used to work in construction, so my lower back is shot,” Brooks told 8News. “I went home, just put a dime size on my back and within ten minutes it was like I didn’t have any pain.”

A local shopper, Serrah Brod, also spoke with 8News about the benefits she feels with CBD. She said CBD oil helps her sleep at night. 

“So you just take it at night put it under your tongue, it’s really yummy like a mint flavor,” Brod said. 

The FDA has approved a drug containing CBD to treat seizures. Still, the science supporting other claims remains a little slim partly because of the restrictions in the past. 

“CBD can help with anxiety, muscle tension, anything inflammatory related,” Somogyi told 8News. 

The FDA also warned of some unapproved products out there making unsubstantiated therapeutic claims.

“We tell people don’t buy your CBD in a gas station,” Somogyi told 8News. 

With Richmond’s Lamplighter Coffee Roasters now selling CBD-infused drinks, it’s clear other local businesses are jumping on the CBD bandwagon. 

Kultivate Wellness offers workshops as well as health classes for customers. The wellness classes are conducted in a studio, where yoga and cooking workshops are also held, inside the store. The information can be found on the store’s Facebook page. 

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