2/9 Digital Dialogue: Legality of CBD oil; SOTU; Patrick’s closing | Opinion

Readers recently shared their thoughts after Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharon Wilson released a statement to clarify whether CBD oil is legal in the state of Texas.

Travis Covey DA Wilson, former judge, is a big Pharma mouthpiece, funded and supported by their PACs. CBD is the answer and Judge Wilson is yet another politico-chosen by the people-who is in bed with pharma, not supporting the great people of Texas.

Tina Lynn Hinkle Just another example of the pharmaceutical companies trying to stop us all from cutting into their profits. This is a very helpful oil. With none of the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Carolyn Fowler Myres CBD derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states. Growing hemp is now legal in all 50 states. Why does this DA want to punish people for using a natural substance for which there is no “high” whatsoever-even with trace amounts of thc which is undetectable in the body- yet yields great medical value? Why is he out to make life miserable for those who are doing what has been deemed legal? You can buy it everywhere in the country. What point is he trying to prove?

Cindi Autry Not all CBD oil is the same. It is legal in many states containing up to 0.3%THC. Many companies extract almost all of it. The low amount will not cause you to fail a drug test.

Nikki Perkins-Miller It should be made available for those with RA and Fibromyalgia, too.

Pamela Adams I can’t believe this has not been changed by now. They would rather us use dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that a safer option. Government at its worst.

Don Marvell CBD oil is made from Hemp plant which is a cousin to the marijuana plant but a different plant. I use it for anxiety, depression and back pain, I’ve been of meds since last June thank God.

Katie Phelan Dodd Makes you wonder what’s in the Higher-Ups medicine cabinets. Are they the “pot or the kettle”….. wondering minds would love to know!

Jennifer Tower Helps me with my migraines better than over counter products.

Melissa Parker It’s still allowed with a rx, it was a huge mistake for Ca to make it legal you can smell it everywhere now, not good for my lungs at all.

Beth Curry I use it everyday. I order it online and have no trouble with shipping to Texas. I’ve also seen it in several stores in FW. Why are they selling it in stores if it’s illegal. The amount of THC in CBD Oil is not even enough to cause a positive drug test. It’s impossible to make it with zero THC. The people making these laws are clueless. It’s not medical marijuana.

Michael Repenning With as much respect as I can muster, Judge Wilson is absolutely abusing her position as a judge. She knows full well that these hemp products are not marijuana. I’m sure if we look on down the line she is financially benefiting from this dumb move.


After U.S. President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday, readers shared their reactions.

Cecilia Centeno Love his boldness and the love he has for his country. Grateful that he was willing to honor GOD during his speech. GOD bless the USA.

JoAnna Blanchard DesJardins He is the best President ever. It doesn’t matter what background your from , under his leadership we are Blessed!

Nikki Perkins-Miller Full of misleading facts, gaslighting, and outright lies. Just the usual.

Linda L. Phillabaum Excellent! USA! United we must stand!

Tonja Meers Brownlee I feel thankful that our President is FOR America and FOR our Born and Unborn Children.

Diane Inga-Gilbert Wonderful and very moving speech! I like his boldness, too. Strong and tough.

Linda Spillman Prescott turned it off just air coming out of his mouth.

Eunice Robinson Wohlferd Wonderful, proud of our President.

Deborah Owings Braun Roberts I didn’t hate all of it. That’s the best I can do.

JoAnn McLain Hicks He gave an awesome speech & stood for his beliefs.

Christopher Jackson It was like every one of these things are. Nonsensical, rah-rah BS that ultimately means nothing. The people that like him still like him and the ones that hate him still hate him.


Readers shared their sadness on Wednesday when Patrick’s Cleburne Floral announced they were closing after 102 years of business in Cleburne.

Jason Cech Thank you to the Patrick Family for their service and dedication to the citizens of Cleburne and Johnson County. You will be missed. May God bless your family!

Jabar Greely Everyone should go make a purchase there show there support.

Cynthia Roggen Allen They have been a blessing and shared their gifts to many! Appreciate them and they will be missed! They always did a fantastic job!

Ron Kelsey So sad, my father, John Kelsey helped Brenda Patrick’s father build the Model A huckster they used for advertising. Good luck to the Patrick family.

Belinda Wright So sad to hear this news. They have such beautiful flowers.

Destiny Willis So sad! Goodbye Patrick’s! Thanks for all the flowers I got there over the past 15 years.

Judy Bullard SoRelle So sad …. I used them for my wedding over 46 yrs. Ago.

Cheryl Koch Rockwell We used them for one of our daughters weddings and for many events and remembrances for over 20 years. Hate to see them go!!

Jean Fagan-Pickett Thank you for the years of great service to the Cleburne community!! This business has been such a pillar of this community that this news saddens us! Best Wishes for the family and employees in their new chapter! May God be with you all and bless each of you immensely!

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