Midwest Hemp Farms Opening CBD Shop

Another CBD shop will open its doors next week, while they will sell the oil, they’re offering a unique take that provides a behind the scenes look from farm to store shelves.

After discovering the benefits of CBD, the owners of Midwest Farms came up with an idea to provide the oil from locally grown hemp, sourced and bottled right before the consumer’s eyes.
“A lot of people are doing 1-5 acres across the nation. We decided we might as well industrialize it. We’re doing a lot of contract farming to help the small guy make extra money to help pay his bills and stuff this year and we hope we can promote Minnesota to the big hemp capital of America,” part owner of Midwest Farms, Garth Carlson said.
On top of their farm in Winnebago, they’re contracting with farmers from Rochester down to Jackson and along with a grow room in the new Mankato shop, they’ll also be processing at a plant in Waseca.
“Over at the quad building we’re going to have 10,000 to 8,000 pounds a day processing unit for there and then we’re going to bottle it,” Carlson said.
“It’ll be really nice to bring that full circle in house. It allows us to maintain quality throughout the cycle from when it’s a young little starting plant all the way to when it’s on the shelf and being served to somebody that’s going to utilize it as medicine,” Head grower for Midwest Farms, Joshua Pinkernell  added.
The Minnesota climate is proving to be good for growing hemp.
“The soil here is amazing. The fact that you can amend your fields and not have to irrigate, I think is a huge plus and will put Minnesota ahead of the ball in terms of the country and what that looks like for them and their cost to grow it. The cost here will be less ultimately because of those things,” Pinkernell said.
The shop is anticipating opening next week – selling tinctures, oils creams and lotions – and plans to open a location In New Ulm, with the hopes of having 40 stores across the United States and continue to grow from there.

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