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There have been lots of rumors flying around that CBD is illegal now. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Yes, it is considered to be a drug by the FDA, but what this means is it cannot be an additive into foods. Therefore, the companies that make CBD gummies and other food products are going to have to stop selling them in North Carolina. The good news is, the CBD oils, capsules, and salves that we carry at 501 Pharmacy are still legal!

What is CBD?

CBD oil is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant and is known as hemp. Hemp and marijuana come from the same type of plant, but hemp is not psychoactive so it does NOT get you high.

CBD oils, capsules, and salves can be used for natural pain relief, ADHD, anxiety, neurological symptoms and disorders, acne, joint stiffness, anxiety, asthma, depression, sleep disorders, and more.

Source: Down South Hemp

Broadway Hemp Company

We are happy to offer CBD oils and capsules from Broadway Hemp Company. Broadway Hemp Company has over four generations of farming experience, as well as a quarter of a century indoor greenhouse growing experience and over two decades of Nutraceutical processing, including State of the Art CO2 extraction technique. Their products are made from hemp grown in Broadway, North Carolina. With over 40 acres + 50,000 square feet of indoor growing, Broadway Hemp Company is one of the largest industrial hemp growing operations on the east coast!

Purchase your Broadway Hemp Company CBD oils and capsules at 501 Pharmacy.

Down South Hemp

We are also now carrying CBD Salves from Down South Hemp. Down South Hemp is a licensed premium grade hemp farm located in Erwin, North Carolina. They are currently growing Colorado Cherry, Boax, T1 and Haleigh’s Hope plants on their farm. Their mission is to grow, harvest, and produce exceptional hemp plans and extracts.

Purchase your Down South Hemp CBD salves at 501 Pharmacy.


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