Are There Other Weedsmokers Here That Have Succeeded CBD Oil To Stop Smoking? : JoeRogan

When I smoke (medically,) it’s typically from around 5am to 10pm. Morning joint to prime my brain, and then occasional small joints to beef my brain up like espresso and eventually a full goodnight joint. It’s a complex medical situation and weed is the only thing I can use occasionally and then stop without severe withdrawals, aside from sweat and a week of poor sleep.

About a year ago, I was smoking every 3.5 hours, including a nightly wake up to smoke, so I could sleep the rest of the night. One evening, per the advice of a guy I know, I smoked the last joint and then took CBD (paste.) The next morning, I woke uo after 7 hours of sleep and almost no sweat. I didn’t even think about weed until I met some buddies around noon, by an accident. They had a joint, but I said no because I didn’t feel any cravings what so ever. After a few months of 3.5 hours 24/7.

I know that we smoke because we have this fucking friction of disturbance deep inside. Some sort of deep rooted neurosis, perhaps possible to heal with therapy. CBD totally knocked that neurosis out for me overnight. I still use weed for self therapy, because it gives me unlimited access to my psyche. After much digging, I remembered that my mom told me that I actually bit her nipples during breastfeeding so she bled. I still have that aggressive relationship with food. Because I was high, I could easily and objectively rationalize that my dad’s toxic psychological dominance kept me frantic from the get go. I guess because I consumed my mom’s vibes in that home. Realizing that alone melted my muscles and cleared the cloud in my mind like weed does.

What ever this is, CBD is a magical medicine. I think this inner friction is a catalyst for every illness, physical and mental. In a way, our feelings, in my experience and opinion, are far more important to health than we realize. Maybe even the most important aspect. When that friction trembles through our genetic code, my theory is that it triggers whatever we have in our genes. I guess they call the opposite state for zen, I call it equilibrium. Emotions in balance, body empowered, mind clear, fast & organized, and my spirit with the wings of a condor, so to speak.

This has been my experience.

Please take THIS seriously: Do NOT take CBD prior to smoking. It can supercharge the high right into super paranoia and unfortunately, heart rate and rythm you really don’t want to experience. I asked the headshop to put a warning label on the CBD

Edit: Some people do it differently, in my case, the disaster was a matter of taking CBD and then smoke shortly thereafter.

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