Bhad Bhabie Enlists DMX for ‘Bestie’ Video: Watch

Bhad Bhabie’s music videos are always full of surprises. Fans never know what to expect, as was the case with the Michael Garcia-directed “Bestie” visual, which was released on Monday (Feb. 25). The menacing clip is anything but friendly, as the track’s title would suggest, with Bregoli launching a killing spree with none other than DMX.

X enters the haunted house of sorts alongside Bhabie, and the madness immediately ensues. The 15-year-old takes a breather in the middle of the action to promote a few products ranging from Fashion Nova to CBD oil during the intermission session of the clip. Once the Yonkers native has murdered enough people, he leaves the gory scene and reveals himself from underneath the scary clown mask.

“I can’t go nowhere with this bitch again, she’s fucking crazy,” DMX hilariously realizes outside the crime scene after the fact. Kodak Black was noticeably absent from the visual to perform his verse from the tune, which TMZ chalks up to scheduling conflicts. Their report goes on to say that Bregoli felt “DMX was perfect” for the role, as she also considers him “one of her favorite rappers.”

Give the gruesome “Bestie” video a look if you dare. 

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