‎Brain Gangster Podcast: Episode 12

On Episode 12 of the Brain Gangster Podcast, ‘CBD Oil + Mental Wellness’, Stacey + Carrie discuss how CBD Oil is showing promise, through research, to help with symptoms associated with Mental Illness and Neurodiversity such as ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Bipolar + More. 

Listen to the Podcast to understand the function of CBD Oil on the body and mind in relation to Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive Function, Sleep, Digestion Issues, CBD Oil for treating kids + pets and any side-effects or contraindications associated with CBD Oil. 

They have also researched different brands for high quality and an affordable price point and are excited to announce that Brain Gangster has partnered up with one CBD Oil brand in particular, BUT since this isn’t an infomercial for a particular brand – visit braingangster.com/cbdoil to see who they chose and why – and if you dig it, you can order right from the Brain Gangster site. We also encourage you to do your own research and check with your Dr. before starting treatment as CBD Oil can work against certain medications. 

Visit BrainGangster.Com/giveaways to enter to win your own bottle of 100 MG CBD Oil! 

Meditation + Wellness Expert, Stacey Turis + Money Maestro, Carrie Tredway host the Brain Gangster Podcast every other week where they discuss Mindful Lifestyle techniques on topics such as sex, food, fitness, life, finance, health, love + soul. 

The Brain Gangster Podcast is brought to you by Brain Gangster Beats – Brain Entrainment Series @ BrainGangsterBeats.Com For more Mindful Lifestyle Techniques, visit www.braingangster.com, or find us on Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + YouTube!

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