CBD store owner says bank account closed over products sold

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) Local businesses that sell CBD products say they are having issues getting financial institutions to work with them. 

One of those businesses is Beyond Full Spectrum. 

Beyond Full Spectrum recently opened their second location in Whitefish Bay. Their first is in Waukesha. That location opened in December. 

“We went to a credit union, Summit Credit Union, which was highly recommended by all the credit unions,” said owner Aleksander Gerasyuta, “We applied for the account, the account got approved, and I wanted to make sure that the account could stay active because everything, all the financials we rerunning through that account. We were given basically a promise that the account would stay active no matter what.”

But earlier this month, Gerasyuta said they received a phone call, and a few weeks later a letter, saying in part that their account was opened in error and that Summit Credit Union “does not offer accounts to anyone whose primary business involves marijuana, industrialized hemp, CBD oil, etc.”

“The first thought was, this must be joke, and unfortunately it was not,” Gerasyuta said. 

In a statement, Summit Credit Union CEO and President Kim Sponem said: