The Athlete’s Guide to CBD

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Thinking about taking a leap and adding CBD oil to your fitness regimen? From drug testing to muscle recovery, get the facts first.


As an athlete, the less time you can spend doing online research, the more time you can devote to your training. So, instead of searching the internet, use this all-in-one guide as a reference point for all your questions about how fitness-oriented people can use CBD oil.

There’s a growing trend behind using CBD oil to help improve stamina, resilience, and performance in the fitness world, but does it hold water? Or is it all just a fluke? And should  you should add CBD to your own exercise routine? Well, the information is at your fingertips. Here you’ll find links to ten of our top articles about the use of CBD in relation to sport and physical fitness.

1. Is CBD Oil Legal in My State? What to Know Before You Shop

Before you start supplementing your workout regimen with CBD oil, you need to start here. If you’re considering taking CBD oil to help with your athletic performance, you need to know the laws on cannabis in your area. Here, you’ll find out whether you’re in a green, amber, or red state, as well as direct links to your state’s official webpage for the most up-to-date legal information.

Click here to find out if CBD is legal in your state.

2. Should You Add CBD Oil to Your Post-Workout Recovery Routine?

This is a must-read article for any professional or recreational athlete. In it, you’ll be given a brief overview of how CBD oil affects muscle recovery, pain, and inflammation. This piece also includes a section with valuable information on the USADA’s anti-doping rules, so you know exactly where you stand when it comes to using CBD oil during competition.

Click here to learn about CBD oil and post-workout recovery.

3. Can CBD Oil Help Build Muscle?

Whether you are focusing on building muscle mass or developing lean muscle, this article will enable you to better understand exactly how CBD oil affects these processes. With this information in mind, you can gauge whether CBD is the right choice for helping you reach your fitness goals.

Click here to learn how CBD oil helps builds muscle.

4. Common Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Life isn’t just about training, although some days it can feel that way! This article explores some of the most renowned health benefits of CBD oil, informing you of the many ways CBD can help improve life beyond athletic pursuits.

Click here to learn about the many potential health benefits of CBD oil.

5. Does CBD Oil Have Any Known Side Effects?

Your body is your temple, so it’s important to be sure you aren’t putting anything into it that could be harmful. CBD oil is celebrated for its positive attributes, but does it have a dark side? With conflicting reports in the media, it can be hard to separate the truth from fiction; this article breaks down the research. If you have any concerns about the side effects you might experience by taking CBD oil, reading this article for peace of mind.

Click here to find out whether CBD oil has any side effects.

6. CBD Oil for Pain: How it Works and What You Should Know

“No pain, no gain,” a mantra that every athlete knows all too well. Increasingly used to modify the experience of pain in patients with chronic illness, CBD oil has been found in multiple studies to naturally relieve pain at the same level as some pharmaceutical painkillers. So whether you’re training for an ultra-marathon, or just want to take the edge off the post-workout burn, CBD oil can help.

Click here to learn how CBD oil reduces pain.

7. CBD Oil for Inflammation: How it Works and What You Should Know

As an athlete, your body is put under immense stress, and whether you physically feel it or not, this causes inflammation.  While inflammation is a natural process, it can slow down your training and force other bodily processes to take a back seat, including your immune system and metabolism. CBD oil regulates inflammation, helping your whole body bounce back quicker after hard training.

Click here to learn more about CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

8. Can CBD Oil Get You High?

If you’re considering using CBD oil but are worried about its links to marijuana, this article is for you. You’ll find out how marijuana differs from hemp, and how THC differs from CBD; it’s a great article for anyone who is on the fence about whether CBD oil is right for them.

Click here to learn why CBD oil won’t get you high.

9. CBD Oil Microdosing: Everything You Need to Know

In the general population, CBD oil is often taken as needed but many athletes prefer to microdose. If consistency in performance is important to your sport, taking CBD oil frequently and at lower doses will ensure that pain, inflammation, and a loss of stamina don’t get in the way.  

Click here to find out more about CBD microdosing.

10. CBD in Sports: Performance, Recovery, and Controversy

With so many possible benefits, it is no surprise that CBD can have incredible uses in professional sports. But is it legal to use in the NFL? The NBA? Can cannabinoids be considered performance-enhancing drugs? Find out what the World Anti-Doping Agency has to say and what the future may look like for the use of CBD oil in professional sports.

Click here to learn about the history of CBD oil in sports.



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