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Dillons is now the latest big box store to jump into the market of selling CBD oil.

“I had never thought of it,” says Matt Hess, manager of R&J’s Liquor. “I had not even really heard of it until about a couple months ago.”

Yet, you can now find CBD oil in R&J’s Liquor Store.

“I heard that it is supposed to keep getting bigger and bigger,” Hess explains.

The store is selling a couple different CBD products.

Exactly, bring in what the people want and if it sells we will sell it,” he says.

Right across the street Dillons plans to cash in on the craze.

“It’s 100% competition,” says Amber Spain.

Not impressed is Amber Spain at Sacred Leaf in Northwest Wichita. Spain sees Dillons as a competitor and hopes it does not hurt the reputation of the product.

“It is frustrating to us because it affects our customers,” she says.

Dillons says its CBD products have been thoroughly tested. In a statement spokeswoman Shelia Lowry, “Our limited selection of hemp-derived CBD topical products is from suppliers that have been reviewed for quality and safety.”

The medical trend is growing in popularity for consumers and retailers.

“Mainly, we just have customers requesting it. As it becomes available we are just being able to provide as much as possible to our customer,” Hess explains.

While big box stores are stacking it on their shelves places like Sacred Leaf aren’t worried about going out of business.

“We encourage our customers to try different products. We want them to get relief,” Spain says.

Dillons announced that a variety of CBD products will be available at the pharmacy by next week.

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