New CBD Oil Store Sprouting up in Eastern Idaho | Local News

Another CBD Oil store is sprouting up in Eastern Idaho, and the owner says it’s perfectly legal.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin met up with CBD store owner Cody Hellickson who says he wants to help educate the community about the CBD products he produces and sells in his stores.

Cody Hellickson produces and CBD oil locally and sells those products in his store in Idaho Falls and business there is good, which is why he’s opening a second location on Main Street in Pocatello.

“To be available again to answer questions for those individuals who have no clue, who again we want to be a community based business.  We want to be here to assist and educate with this,” says Cody Hellickson, CBD Oil Business Owner.

Cody says the locally made CBD oil product he sells in his store is ‘CBD Isolate,’ which he says means there’s ‘no’ THC in the product.

“Broad Spectrum’ and ‘CBD Isolate’ contain no THC.  ‘Full Spectrum’ will always contain a trace amount of THC, so that’s how we’re able to provide CBD, is we use ‘CBD Isolate’ inside of the product.  It’s the sole molecule, it contains no trace amount of THC,” says Hellickson.

On a federal level, a very small amount of THC is legal, but in Idaho, It’s zero, meaning any amount is considered illegal.

Cody says he independently tests with a state regulated cannabis lab which tests for potency and THC content in their products.

He also claims being the first in Idaho to be licenses through the Public Health Board to produce it.

He feels education is key to knowing what CBD products are legal and which ones are not.

“The uncertainty of seeing a product on a shelf and no one there to explain it or educate them, again is a big thing, so as far as it goes, customers need to verify by obviously legitimacy of the company.  Be very, very vigilant in the wording.  A lot of them will use the wording, ‘less than zero point zero’ and still label the product as ‘No THC.’

The New location in Pocatello has only been open since Monday.

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