CBD Oil and Tianeptine for anxiety and IBS. Could it work?

I suffer from both IBS and anxiety. The IBS makes the anxiety much worse most of the time. My main symptom is abdominal pain which is becoming chronic. I wanted to try CBD oil for my IBS. I live in Canada so hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard to get. Marijuana edible or smoking helps my IBS but I don’t want to be high all the time and it can lead to paranoia.

For my anxiety I have tried Prozac. It did lessen my anxiety greatly but it made my IBS much worse so I sadly cannot take it. Maybe because it changed my level of serotonin which can effect the gut. I was thinking of trying Tianeptine which I have heard has helped people with anxiety. I have also read it can help people with IBS.

Right now I am going to start taking a low dose of Desipramine which is a TCA anti depressant and works on different receptors than Prozac. I am starting at a low dose of 10 mg but may go to 25 mg which is still very low. This probably won’t help my anxiety but maybe help my IBS.

My girlfriend recommends I take a probiotic. I tried one years ago and it made my pain much worse after only a couple days so I am paranoid about taking one again.

Does the CBD oil/Tianeptine combo seems like it is something that could work for IBS and anxiety. I am at my wits end right now. I don’t want to go through life with chronic pain and anxiety. I know many have it worse but maybe we can all help eachother.

Maybe the CBD oil could counteract the negative effects on the Prozac. But I don’t know. I am really sad that I can’t take Prozac because it seemed to help my mental state.

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