DOJ memo puts Wisconsin hemp growers in limbo

A hurdle for industrial hemp in Wisconsin. State Senator Pat Testin (R-Stevens Point), who wrote legislation enabling a pilot program for farmers in Wisconsin to plant hemp, said the response from farmers has been enthusiastic, with more that 350 applications filed.

That’s the good news. “The bad news is that a couple of days before the filing deadline, the state Department of Justice released a memo, stating that all CBD oil and all CBD products are illegal in the state of Wisconsin, even if those products are made from plants in the industrial hemp pilot program,” Testin said.

“This was a kick in the gut” for farmers, said Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation lobbyist Rob Richard. “This document has ramifications, both legal and financial, for a lot of people.”

Governor Scott Walker signed a legislation last year that allowed a pilot program for growing industrial hemp, and has said he’d like to see the issue resolved. “From the time this bill was introduced, we have been very transparent, and have had an open door policy with anyone who had any concerns with this,” said Testin, who has requested a face to face meeting with state Attorney General Brad Schimel.

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