Garage Fire Leads to ‘Honey Oil’ Lab in Spring Valley

A fire erupts at a Spring Valley home Saturday night, but after the fire was put out, firefighters discover much more inside. A “honey oil” lab was hidden inside the home.

It’s highly potent and is usually smoked or made into an edible.

Cell phone video captured a chaotic scene Saturday on Maria Avenue in Spring Valley.

Sunday, the garage was completely boarded up. 

“It wasn’t burning wood or electrical. It was something more,” Eddie Thomas said. He lives across the street and told NBC7, just after 10 p.m. he heard the woman inside yell that there was a fire.

“I ran out, and then a neighbor from down the street came up with some fire extinguishers, so he and I went inside to try to hit the fire with extinguishers real quick,” he said.

It was just seconds after he got inside, however, when he started to question how this fire started.

“I’m expecting to step on a coffee table or a sofa,” he said. “I was able to run straight through to the garage. There was nothing, it was empty.” 

Thomas got out of the home when firefighters arrived. They found large canisters of butane gas as well as pounds of unprocessed marijuana.

There was also a closed loop pressure system in the garage.

Investigators believe it was used to process the marijuana into cannabis oil or “honey oil.”

The smell of marijuana also consumed the neighborhood.

“You could smell it. It was clear what was going on,” Thomas said. “It was clear that it was more than just personal use.”

A man inside the home was badly burned in the fire. He suffered burns to about 30 percent of his body.

Investigators told NBC7 no arrests have been made but the case is still very much under investigation.

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