Local retailer misunderstands CBD oil regulations // WJFW TV-12, WJFWDT 12.1 and Newswatch 12

MERRILL – Some stores in Wisconsin can legally sell cannabidoil or CBD oil.

The Merrill Police Department believes there’s some confusion about the requirements needed to sell it.

Right now in Wisconsin, any CBD oil containing reportable amounts of THC is illegal.

If it doesn’t have any THC, it can be sold. However, that window for distributors is very slim.

“Only a physician or a pharmacy may distribute CBD (oil) that doesn’t contain THC if they are operating under 1) an investigational drug permit issued by the Federal FDA, or 2) approval by the Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board,” said Merrill Police Chief Corey Bennett.

Merrill Lieutenant-Detective Patrick Wunsch said a local store in Merrill was selling the oil without the proper permits.

Merrill police gave the store a warning and explained the laws to the staff.

The video above is not from the store selling CBD illegally.

Wunsch said often times CBD wholesalers are misleading retailers by telling them the oil is compliant with the law when it’s actually not.

“Manufacturers of CBD oil along with some of the distributors and wholesalers are letting businesses know that their product is certified and in compliance with federal law (when the retailers still need permits)” said Wunsch.

Wunsch also sid if you have CBD oil in your possession, you need to have a doctor’s note along with a certification or permit for the oil.

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