Pet bakery uses cannabis oil to help pet aches, pains

Jesse Christman’s store, Pawsitively Sweet Pet Bakery and Grooming, bakes pet treats with Cannabidiol. Also called CBD, it’s an oil that comes from cannabis. Many people believe it eases pets’ pain from arthritis and other ailments.

According to Christman, it’s completely legal but a normal animal food license is needed.

“People think immediately, oh marijuana the dog is stoned, and that is not it at all,” she said. “And that was my goal. To help these dogs in a natural way that, you know, actually helps their bodies.”

In order to cater to the ailments of every type of dog, the store offers a variety of different products. All of them can be custom ordered and have varying levels of CBD in them.

So can humans eat the treats?

“Well, they don’t taste good. So wouldn’t advise it, but they could,” Christman said. “They could eat them if wanted. But it is not going to do anything to them.”

But whatever you do, do not just give marijuana to pets.

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