Hemp processor responds to CBD ruling from AG’s office

The recent legal actions concerning industrial hemp and a hemp product has a processor concerned about the future of a new facility.

Ken Anderson with Legacy Hemp says statements by Wisconsin law enforcement over the legality of CBD oil have his investors anxious. “We’re going to have to say, maybe we aren’t putting shovels in the ground in June in Wisconsin.”

Legacy Hemp is a seed dealer and seed-for-food processor, and the company is planning to build a new facility in western Wisconsin this summer.  

He’s still hoping legal issues can be worked out with state agencies. “A lot of the incentives are coming from state money and we’re going through that process right now, and I’m curious now to find out if some of our funding is no longer going to be on the table because of this ruling,” says Anderson.

Anderson is hoping a proposed federal hemp bill passes soon, eliminating the legal issues that put farmers and processors at risk.

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