Jackson County sheriff advice on hemp, CBD oil legality confusion

There is a lot of confusion around Wisconsin on CBD oil and hemp laws.

It comes after the Department of Agriculture created a pilot program allowing hemp to be grown and processed. A rebuttal, however, from State Attorney General Brad Schimel said selling, producing or possessing CBD oil without a doctor’s OK is still illegal.

For Jackson County sheriff Duane Waldera, the current legal status is about as clear as mud.

There is confusion,” he said. “The state of Wisconsin has not moved forward on any legislative assistance on this issue to allow it to be legal.”

Waldera added that if you possess CBD oil and don’t know where to go with it, you should contact Captain Adam Olson with the department and you can give it to him with no consequences.

Waldera says there’s been a lot of interest within the county from people looking to get into the hemp business.

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