Police Chief, Warn Public of IIlegal and Dangerous Substances Found in Popular CBD Oil

A months-long investigation led HPD Narcotics Division officers to warn the public about after CBD oil (CBD stands for Cannabidiol, it is not a drug it doesn’t cause any side effects) being sold at multiple Houston smoke shops. The oil was tested in a laboratory. The CBD oil purchased at three smoke shops was found to contain synthetic cannabinoids—the same substance found in the illegal drug Kush. (Kush is a particular variety of cannabis that descends from the Hindu Kush mountains.)

Those businesses are:

  • Fantasy, 1412 Westheimer Road
  • Smokey Doke, 5784 Bingle
  • Dreamerz, 2961 Bingle

On May 2, HPD officers working with the Harris County Attorney’s Office, served search warrants at those three smoke shops, seizing large quantities of CBD oil and guns. In addition, all three smoke shops have been sued in civil court for being a nuisance and are under an injunctive order prohibiting them from selling illegal substances.

Dr. Percy worked closely with police in this case and said, “CBD doesn’t do anything, in this case it is spiked by variety of illegal drugs including KUSH that cause side effects including sudden loss of consciousness. If a person recovers and wakes up most of the time they will be violent.”

Dr. Peter Stout, president of Houston Forensic Scientist Center, and his team have conducted tests on the CBD oil that was seized from the shops. He explained that after testing the CBD oil what they found was Cannabidiol, which people expect to be there. What they are not expecting are these other compounds some that were developed as an experimental drugs.

“They are going straight to a person before we even have an idea what the effects are, what might be a long-term effect.”  Dr. Stout explained, “Basically they are volunteering to do medical research in reverse. They are volunteering to be a lab rat. And are paying people to do that. You have no idea what is in it. These things are horrible dangerous.”

According to Assistant Fire Chief, Isaac Garcia, injecting or smoking CBD oils will go directly into your blood stream. It effects you medically—you can have seizures, psychotic episodes, or even pass out for indefinite periods of time. That will leave you vulnerable to all kinds of things.

“We want to emphasize since you don’t know what the side effects are, what is in it, or where it comes from—don’t put your self in danger,” said Garcia.

Houston District Attorney Vince Ryan said, “We are working closely with police as we at the county work to stop this expansion of these new opioids that attract young people and also mature people looking to get  high. They don’t realize the danger they are creating for themselves and anybody they give them too.”

“We can let it get worse when what you looking at here,” said Ryan.

“They are people in our community that think they can give this stuff to there kids to treat illnesses with out know with  that they are giving them poison.” said Chief Acevedo.

“This is dangerous!” Houston District A City Council Member Brenda Stardig declared. “We need to make sure that we educate our youth, our children, that they need to understand that not everything is as innocent as it looks.”

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