District attorney warns stores about selling CBD-laced products

There seems to be some confusion when it comes to selling cannabidiol, or CBD, in Racine County, and District Attorney Tricia Hanson wants to clear it up.

After people alerted her that convenience and liquor stores are selling things like CBD-laced gummies, she sent a memo to all law enforcement in the area asking them to be on the lookout.

“We’re trying to engage the community and engage parents,” Hanson said. “Be vigilant and keep an eye out for these things.”

In April 2017, Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that makes it legal to use cannabidiol oil, derived from cannabis, to treat health issues. Parents said it’s especially helpful for kids with seizures.

“CBD oil has to be administered under the supervision of a doctor,” Hanson said. “So you may have authorization to go to a health food store that administers CBD oil. You certainly wouldn’t take that authorization to a liquor store or convenience store.”

Hanson said so far all store owners are being cooperative, saying they didn’t know it was illegal and that the distributors told them they could legally sell the gummies.

She said she will consider prosecution if they don’t heed the warnings.

Hanson said some of the CBD products in other counties have tested positive for THC, a mind-alerting ingredient in marijuana. Hanson sent the products she seized to the lab for testing.

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