CBD Gummies Found in Rib Mountain | News

RIB MOUNTAIN, WI (WSAU-WAOW) — After gummy candies containing CBD Oil were found in southern Wisconsin, WAOW-TV went looking to see if they could find some in our area and they did at the Liquor and Tobacco Outlet Vapor Bar in Rib Mountain. 

Lt. Melinda Pauls with the Wausau Police Department tells WAOW-TV that the law on CBD Oil has been a bit confusing.

She said, “We have been told by the Attorney General that CBD Oil can only be sold by certain retailers who have a license to do so and that you need prescription to actually purchase it.”

Dr. Larry Gordon with Aspirus Wausau Hospital tells WAOW-TV that the gummies likely won’t get an adult high, but he’s concerned that children may get their hands on them.

“The problem with this is that the kid is not necessarily going to have one little gummy bear right? said Gordon. “They’re going to take a whole handful because to them it’s candy. You shouldn’t be exposing kids to this.”

WAOW-TV says the clerk at the store told them because the candy doesn’t contain any THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, they’re legal to sell. They say they reached out to the owner of Liquor and Tobacco Outlet Vapor Bar, but did not receive a call back. 

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