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CBD Living Water Review

CBD Living Water Review


CBD Oil Review rates CBD Living Water with two stars because it qualifies for the Safety & Innovation Badges.

CBD Living Water: 60-Second Summary

Although the technology behind creating a nano-enhanced CBD water is exciting, and CBD Living Water goes out of their way to post extensive third-party lab testing (plus an extensive testimonials section), we couldn’t find any information regarding the origin of the raw materials they use, or any information about the people behind company. We encourage CBD Living Water to be more transparent about their business, as obtaining the remaining three badges they’re missing requires only an update of their website with verifiable information.

CBD Living Water Brand Review

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of cbdlivingwater.com is their extensive product catalog. Items include CBD infused bath bombs, chocolate, topicals, concentrates, gummies, vapes, soap, and of course the water. Additionally, Certificates of Analysis are available for every product and test not only for cannabinoid levels, but also for common contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents.

Our extremely high hopes for CLW were brought back down to Earth when attempting to ascertain the origin of the hemp in CBD Living Water’s products. We, sadly, came up empty-handed. In fact, we couldn’t even locate any information about the people behind the company at all on their website, which struck us as odd. Consumers appreciate knowing the human side of a company, especially when it comes to CBD, and so it’s unusual to not see the names or faces behind such a prominent brand.

While CLW do have the backing of an extensive testimonials section (as well as reviews by relatively-mainstream news outlets like the LA Weekly and OC Weekly), we would like to see the publishing of the relevant badge-related information before wholeheartedly recommending CBD Living Water to our members.

Badges For CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water ReviewsSafety Verified
CBD Living Water offers detailed and up-to-date CoAs for each and every product they offer.
CBD Living Water ReviewInnovation Verified
CBD Living Water utilizes nano-sized CBD particles to create their CBD H2O and more.



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CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water

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