Evio Beauty Partners With Aurora Cannabis

Evio Beauty Group is partnering with Aurora Cannabis to produce a line of cosmetic products infused with Cannabidiol (CBD).

The partnership between Evio Beauty and Aurora aims at creating a new line of approved hemp seed oil based product formulations, as well as approved CBD based products. 

Brandi Leifso, Evio Beauty Group’s founder, and CEO, was living in a women’s shelter when she identified a need for lifestyle products that would engage its customers and community. The company’s cosmetic brand is Evelyn Iona, shown above. The brand is cruelty-free, made with natural ingredients, and has a sustainable mission — and social impact is at its core. For every Evelyn Iona product sold, $1 is donated to advance equality efforts in partnership with the Canadian Women’s Foundation. 

Leifso says, “The cannabis industry is uniquely positioned to champion more women in leadership roles. With the strong support of a dedicated partner like Aurora, we will continue to scale our female empowerment initiatives while addressing pain points in the cosmetics industry. By utilizing hemp seed oil and cannabis derivatives, we can enhance ingredient transparency, reducing the use of hurtful animal by-products and ecologically unsustainable inputs.”

Aurora, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, is one of the world’s largest and leading cannabis companies. It has established a uniquely advanced, consistent and efficient production strategy, based on purpose-built facilities that integrate leading-edge technologies across all processes. These production facilities are designed to produce cannabis of significant scale, with high quality, industry-leading yields, and ultra-low per gram production costs. 

Terry Booth, CEO, Aurora, says, “Through this partnership with Evio, Aurora further diversifies its rapidly growing offering across the cannabis value chain, while capturing a unique opportunity to bring the Aurora Standard to cannabis derived lifestyle and cosmetic products.”

Booth continues, “Innovative, pioneering, noble entrepreneurs like Brandi closely align with Aurora’s internal culture, strengthening our spirit of diversity and furthering our female empowerment initiatives…We’re excited to work with Brandi and the team at Evio Beauty to develop and launch this innovative new line of hemp seed and CBD-based cosmetic products to a large and growing audience worldwide.”

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