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Purchase HempWorx products in Indianapolis, Indiana. Contact distributor Miranda Marsico.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana Miranda Marsico is a HempWorx executive distributor.

Buy HempWorx CBD Oil in Indianapolis, Indiana

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From Miranda Marsico:

A little background on me and why I chose to use HempWorx CBD oil products and later to become an Affiliate:

10 years ago I opened my own flower shop and tea room in Indy. It was thriving, and I enjoyed providing a beautiful atmosphere where you could relax and enjoy organic teas and goodies, and buy a bouquet of fresh flowers too! That is…everyone else relaxed but I was running full steam from sunrise to midnight most nights. One day I almost fainted and this was very scary never having had this experience.

Having considered myself very healthy, and now well into my late 50’s, on no prescription meds, I was shocked when the doctor wanted to put me on three prescriptions to control blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. This was a wake up call for me, and after doing a lot of research on my own, I changed my lifestyle – retired from the tea room because the stress was literally killing me slowly, and changed my way of eating, began walking and discovered meditation. I also took a lot of supplements in pill form. My blood sugar fasting levels improved some over time but not dramatically.

About 9 months ago, our senior dog, Rebel, had a seizure. We rushed her to the vet and were disappointed when we were told there wasn’t anything to be done about it and sometimes this happens with older pets. We were talking with a friend and she asked if we’d ever tried CBD oil for her. We decided to give it a try and Rebel has had NO seizures since December – and that was giving it to her only when she seemed stressed because we didn’t understand it must be taken daily to balance the whole system. We have 3 dogs and now give it to all of them as directed. Rebel is like a puppy at age 14!

Now our whole family uses HempWorx CBD oil, and after my annual check up, I am relieved to report my blood sugar levels are slowly returning to a pre-diabetic range, my blood pressure is normal as well as cholesterol levels. Also, I am now only taking two supplements – this down from 12! I feel alive, focused, rested and happy to share these products with the world.

Two months ago, after retiring from a part-time outside the home job where I had to drive 30 miles a day in heavy traffic, it was a no-brainer for me to join HempWorx as an

Affiliate. The compensation plan is amazing, and they give you all the tools you need to be a success. There are many mentors to support you as well. Now at 67, I’m relaxed, energized and healthy – looking forward to living my senior years at my best for myself and my family and educating all who seek the many benefits of HempWorx CBD oils.


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Phone: 1-317-509-9038

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