Evio Beauty Group to launch hemp seed oil and CBD beauty collection

Brandi Leifso is the founder and CEO of Evio Beauty Group, which is a portfolio of lifestyle brands (according to the media release about the deal with Aurora Cannabis) and is perhaps best known for the makeup brand Evelyn Iona Cosmetics.  

“The cannabis industry is uniquely positioned to champion more women in leadership roles,” ​believes Leifso.

With the strong support of a dedicated partner like Aurora, we will continue to scale our female empowerment initiatives while addressing pain points in the cosmetics industry,” ​she tells the press. “By utilizing hemp seed oil and cannabis derivatives, we can enhance ingredient transparency, reducing the use of hurtful animal by-products and ecologically unsustainable inputs.”

A new business partner

Aurora Cannabis makes and distributes medical marijuana products in Canada and sells medical marijuana wholesale in Germany and Europe. The company also makes and sells cultivation systems, consults on greenhouse construction, provides patient counseling services regarding medical marijuana, and more.

“Through this partnership with Evio, Aurora further diversifies its rapidly growing offering across the cannabis value chain, while capturing a unique opportunity to bring the Aurora Standard to cannabis derived lifestyle and cosmetic products,” ​Terry Booth, CEO, explains in the release.

He goes on assert that Evio Beauty Group’s feminist positioning makes the company a particularly good fit for an investment from Aurora: “Innovative, pioneering, noble entrepreneurs like Brandi closely align with Aurora’s internal culture, strengthening our spirit of diversity and furthering our female empowerment initiatives. My personal efforts have for many years supported the effort to end family violence, and have been aimed at helping society understand that we must support female empowerment.”

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