New store open in CSRA selling CBD products derived from hemp

Martinez, GA (WJBF) – The CBD Store of Augusta is now open in Martinez. They sell products containing CBD oil that comes from the Hemp plant, not the marijuana plant, which is what makes them legal to sell. These types of products are not regulated by the FDA and fall into the “supplement” category.

Victoria Smiley, the manager at The CBD Store of Augusta, says she grew up in a pretty conservative home so when she first heard about CBD oil, she was skeptical. She says testimonials moved her to believe in the oil.

“There was this lady who came in who almost brought tears to my eyes,” Smiley describes. “She talked about how bad her arthritis was…She started using this cream and some of our water soluble. She said that she can now open her hands.”

Smiley explains these products are not miracle workers and will work differently on different people.

We went over to the Medical College of Georgia to talk to a doctor about how to best add supplements to your diet. Dr. Janis Coffin says do your research and know what you are putting in your body before you buy anything without a prescription.

“[Supplements] do not go through the rigorous process that a lot of prescription medications go through,” Dr. Coffin explains. “Depending on where they buy the alternative medication, it may be different from product to product from manufacturer to manufacturer.”

She says alternative therapies can play a role in your overall health, but make a plan with your doctor before taking anything. Coffin says have a conversation with your primary healthcare physician about how each supplement will interfere with your other medications.


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