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Plenty of prevaricating

After watching the Braun/Donnelly ads umpteen times, it is hard to determine whose side is doing more prevaricating.

Sen. JoeDonnelly is in office, and is something of a known factor. He seems to be doing the things we voters hired him to do.

Mike Braun says he does not know where the things he sells come from. If this is truly the case, he is either very lucky at making money or he must have a very short memory about the goods he orders. He has a lot of nerve to complain that Donnelly’s family business uses Mexican labor.

I have a problem with rich people who run for office, spending hundreds of thousands of their own and other people’s money to take an office that only pays $174,000 per year. There is, of course, the possibility that these folks are looking for connections to bigger fish, so to speak, with the hope of enhancing their personal position in life after leaving the House or Senate.

Braun claims to be a political outsider. How can that be when he was involved in Hoosier politics?

Donald Trump says, “Make America Great Again.” On the CBS news on July 27, it was reported he is having banners made for the 2020 election – in China. There must not be a good banner maker in the USA.

Don Hicks

Fort Wayne

Full facts on CBD oil support miracle drug

The Journal Gazette published an opinion article by Dr. Rudy Kachmann (“Legalizing CBD oil opens door to worse,” July 25) that contained massive amounts of misinformation.

With all due respect to Kachmann, his comments assume that hemp and marijuana are the same plant containing the same chemical compounds. They are not. Marijuana is the female version of cannabis sativa and therefore has high levels of THC. Hemp is the male version of cannabis sativa and has extremely low levels of THC.

The laws related to hemp CBD oil – which has always been legal – were recently clarified in Indiana. The laws now prevent legal entities from illegally interfering with the sale and transport of hemp CBD oil, which is already a provision of the federal farm bill.

Hemp CBD oil does not create any psychoactive effects at all. It helps the body’s own endocannabinoid system restore balance to systems, organs and cells, often with miraculous results.

By law, hemp CBD oil must contain less than 0.03 percent THC. Since hemp already contains extremely low levels of THC, the legal levels are not hard to meet. Getting “high” requires 10 to 20 milligrams of THC. Hemp CBD oil therefore has no negative psychoactive effects, is safe for children and pets to use, and has significant health benefits.

It concerns me gravely that physicians with zero training with CBD oil and its uses are sharing misinformation and incorrectly maligning hemp CBD oil out of ignorance. Hemp CBD oil has transformed my practice and allows me to see true miracles every day.

I don’t recommend buying hemp CBD oil from gas stations and mainstream drugstores, as the quality will be extremely low. People interested in trying hemp CBD oil – which has no known side effects or interactions/contraindications with any pharmaceutical drugs – should only purchase oils that are certified organic, grown in the U.S., water-soluble, and are made from the whole plant instead of just pieces and parts. These factors help ensure the highest potency and absorbability.

It is time for the scientific truths to be shared about hemp CBD oil instead of misinformation and untruths.

Dr. Pamela Reilly


Anniversary surprise

The evening of July 27, my wife and I celebrated our 64th wedding anniversary dinner at Don Hall’s Factory.

Much to our surprise, an unknown person paid our bill.

Thank you to that person for the wonderful surprise. We will pass it on.


New Haven

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