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You have no idea what you’re talking about with me so why chime in? You didn’t even read what I wrote in full. Something triggered you and boom here we are. I’ve clearly said TWICE NOW this doesn’t apply to everyone but that’s not good enough for you right? Unless I am 100% behind the cause and have zero personal input of my own based on real world experience I’m just a disrespectful asshole.

Truth is you’re a disrespectful asshole for not taking the time to have a conversation or even ask a question, but what should we expect from someone that perceives a person in a negative way and then takes advantage of them. Like the type of person that calls in sick last minute out of spite. That shit doesn’t roll downhill and affect innocent people not guilty of your perceived bullshit right? You’re so vain you don’t even take the time to think about results of your actions on other people and you want to call me out. Bloody hypercritical scenario we have here.


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