Lima chiropractor opens holistic store

LIMA — For years, Dr. Josh Hayes has served members of the Lima community through his chiropractic practice and has recently expanded with a holistic store.

Hayes has spent the last 10 years as a chiropractor working with various herbs and supplements.

As a way to offer those products to the community, Hayes recently opened Garden Grove Holistic on 2342 Shawnee Road.

“I really wanted to make sure that people were getting the best things because there are a lot of different places out there,” said Hayes during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “I feel like if people can buy things at Walmart and Meijer there is definitely room for a place like this. I think it’s all just about educating people and helping them find what is best for them and being a place of service.”

Garden Grove Holistic offers the Standard Process whole food supplements line and the MediHerb line, both of which are only available to practicing physicians and medical professionals, according to Hayes.

Customers can also purchase chemical-free personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and pesticide-free produce from Botkins.

“It’s important to have local produce because it’s made of the ground that we are made of as well,” said Hayes. “The local herbs are 1,000 times effective than something than anything else.”

He also offers medicinal mushrooms from mycologist Paul Stamets, which he said helps with lowering cholesterol, energy, the immune system and brain health. Customers can also purchase cannabidiol from the Ultracell CBD/Hemp oil line.

“What’s amazing about this is that they use energy that makes it highly absorb-able,” said Hayes. “It’s good for pain relief, inflammation and anxiety and your mood.”

Through his new business, he hopes to improve the lives of more people in the Lima community.

“I really hope to teach people that food is your medicine,” said Hayes. “I would like people to bridge the gap and understand the mind and body connection. I want them to know that what we think and bring into our body and all of our senses affect our health overall.”

Jason May, Jed Metzger, Dr. Josh Hayes, Emilee Hayes, Scarlet Hayes, Layla Hayes, Philip Giedroyce, Angela Koenig and Shannon Tyler participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Garden Grove Holistic on 2342 Shawnee Road on Friday.

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