80-year-old grandma busted for weed in Michigan

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource, WXMI)

An 80-year-old grandmother in Michigan was jailed after deputies found a small amount of cannabis at her home, and an expired Michigan medical marijuana card.

Delores Saltzman and her son Mark Saltzman talked to WXMI. That’s when Delores said she uses cannabis to control her pain from ongoing health conditions. Delores’ credits cannabis for saving her life, adding when doctors prescribed her opioids, it caused her stomach pains and vomiting.

“After I smoke I go down to a one, pain-wise,” said Delores. “Before I smoke, I would say I’m an 8 right now.”

According to court records, Clare County Sheriff’s Deputy Ashley Gruno knocked on Delores’ door around 9 pm on June 13, 2018. Gruno was attempting to locate Delores’ great granddaughter, to return her lost ID and phone.

That’s when the deputy smelled the marijuana coming from Delores’ porch.

Mark says the deputy asked whose marijuana it was, Delores said it belonged to her. That’s when the deputy searched Delores’ bedroom, took pictures, and even helped the 80-year-old clean up her kitchen.

The deputy seized several pipes, four joints and one purple jar with an undisclosed amount of cannabis, according to court records.

Delores says there was less than an eighth of an ounce.

Court records show Delores was handcuffed in the patrol car, she says the deputy did not read her rights to her. She was then escorted to jail for the night.

Her son Mark says this deputy made a mistake,”I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous to put her through this like that: they could have given her a ticket.”

“I’m hoping that we all learn a lesson from this and that we make amends, and people will get out and vote for it,” said Saltzman. “We’re the ones that have to stand up we are the people, and we just got to fight for our rights.”

On August 2, a Clare County judge signed an order to dismiss Delores’ case without prejudice.

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