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It’s never a good idea to stop meds without veterinary advice, especially with illnesses like pancreatitis. The first thing I’d do is go back to your vet for advice on how best to re-start your girl’s meds. Ask them about CBD oil too – some vets have a fair bit of knowledge about it.

As far as CBD oil itself goes, I know @Kieka uses it for one of her cats, and I think @betsygee does too. They might have more specific information for you.

I can’t stress strongly enough, though, the importance of going back to your vet, today if possible, to get advice on re-starting pancreatitis meds. Once that is stable again, you can look at trying CBD oil, but PLEASE check with your vet first. I never start with any kind of supplement/herbal remedy without running it by my vet first, especially if prescription medications are involved.


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