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On a 12-acre farm in Henderson County, organic hemp plants ready for harvest soon will be converted to cannabidiol (CBD oil) and distributed to customers of Kingdom Harvest, a recently launched company in Asheville. 

The Kingdom Harvest venture includes farmers, chemists, botanical extractors and marketers focused on a seed-to-sale philosophy. 

“There’s so much goodness in this plant,” says Jim Stahl, Kingdom Harvest sales and marketing manager. “We grab every bit of the goodness out of it.” 

CBD oil can offer a more natural alternative to prescription or over-the-counter drugs to relieve stiffness and pain, including chronic pain, according to recent research about the product. Studies also indicate its use for anxiety disorders and neuromuscular diseases.

Because CBD oil is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, Kingdom Harvest cannot make claims about its health benefits and effectiveness, which is still being researched.

 However, Stahl’s personal experience with the positive effects of CBD oil has prompted him to become invested in the company.

“I believe in the wellness of Kingdom Harvest,” Stahl says.

The whole-spectrum hemp extraction process used at Asheville Botanicals, the production partner of the company, preserves a broad range of cannabinoids and other plant nutrients found in CBD oil, which is used sublingually.

This legally-grown cannabis sativa plant grown at the Kingdom of the Happy Land farm contains a limited and regulated amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, making its extracts non-psychoactive, Stahl explains. 

 “We’re taking what the industry calls full-spectrum extract and actually making it full, or whole spectrum” states Don Barrier, a founding member of the Kingdom Harvest executive team. 

Working under state regulations enacted two years ago that make hemp growing and CBD oil production legal, the company uses third-party laboratories to test the product to ensure its quality and safety, Stahl says. The testing also ensures that the permitted level of THC, 0.3 percent, is within limits of the product.

 The natural and peppermint flavored versions of CBD oil sold by Kingdom Harvest are distributed to more than 60 retailers in North Carolina and Tennessee. 

People who use CBD oil place a small amount, usually about 0.25 ml under the tongue and hold it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing it. Kingdom Harvest recommends that people start with two servings a day and adjust them accordingly after three weeks of use. Each bottle contains a graduated dropper for application. 

An Asheville native who ran a successful family company that manufactured outdoor recreational equipment for most of his career, Stahl says his passion is incubating businesses. 

And he is optimistic about the potential for Kingdom Harvest, especially in light of pending federal legislation that will legalize the hemp industry in this country.

“The entire industry is hinged on the farm bill,” Stahl says. 

Legalization of industrial hemp at the federal level will help what is now a $500 million business grow exponentially, he says. 

Kingdom Harvest is one of the first and largest growers of hemp plants in North Carolina, Stahl says.  

The company is planning a major expansion at its production facility in the Biltmore area. In addition to its basic products, Kingdom Harvest is also developing a product for pets to relieve anxiety and inflammatory pain, as well as a honey product infused CBD oil.

Kingdom Harvest products can be purchased online or through a certified retailer. 

For more information, visit the website

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