FounderMade LA Recap: Wellness, Mindfulness, and Customization

FounderMade’s Consumer Discovery Show took place on October 4 at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California. In true West Coast fashion, the unique, open-air space displayed hundreds of innovative and emerging brands in wellness, food, and beauty. Attendees at the summit included best-in-class entrepreneurs, business leaders, retailers, and rising social media influencers.

FounderMade CEO Meghan Asha brought together disruptors from all three categories in an environment that was conducive to discovery, education, and collaboration. Personal stories from industry founders, category disruptors, marketing executives, retailers, and content creators provided thoughtful and strategic insight and advice.

The day’s schedule featured a robust platform of fireside chats and informative panel discussions. The morning kicked off with an intimate discussion with Pressed Juicery co-founder Hayden Slater and Vega Founder Brendan Brazier, where both founders stressed the importance of staying true to your brand, to stand for something, to set your values, and that you can’t be everything to everyone.  Executives from Violet Grey, Whole Foods Market, and Erewhon were on hand to provide targeted advice on how to attract buyers and consumers and grow distribution, as well as future trends they are seeing in their respective industries. Emily Dougherty, Editor and Chief of New Beauty Magazine, moderated a panel on “The Future of Cannabis,” as the demand for cannabis-based products is growing in all categories. A new generation of brands wants to change the way the public perceives cannabis and is hoping that this ingredient will make its way into our everyday lives.

The Discovery Lounge was host to a wide variety of entrepreneurial brands. Key themes of “wellness, mindfulness, and customization” prevailed throughout the floor regardless of the category represented. Supplements, powders, drinks, and patch technology were abundant, and key ingredients found throughout the show in food, beauty, and wellness included CBD/THC, adaptogens (in general), Maca, and collagen.

Upon entering the discovery lounge, CBD and THC were front and center. As CBD becomes more accepted throughout the US, it is the hope of brand innovators that consumers will become more accepting of its health values. +CBD Oil, one of the early adopters of CBD oil, heralds full traceability for its ingredients, whereas Veritas Farms features farm-to-table hemp oil beauty products and tinctures. The Good Patch Company by La Mend wants to unleash the power of hemp through transdermal patches, with products designed to alleviate hangovers, enhance sleep, calm anxiety, and help women during their periods. Lilly Cabral, co-founder of Calivolve, wants to elevate the usage of both CBD and THC and eventually hopes that CBD will be as accepted as a glass of wine; to echo this sentiment, Colorado-based Stråva Craft Coffee has developed a line of CBD-infused roasts called Peace & Wellness so you can enjoy the benefits of hemp oil in your daily cup of coffee. Emerald Health Bioceuticals introduces consumers to the concept of supporting your endocannabinoid system and provides the benefits of CBD with non-cannabis herbs and botanicals in their assortment of supplements.

Adaptogens, superfoods, collagen, energy elixirs, beauty tonics and protein powders were well represented in the wellness, food, and beauty areas of the discovery lounge. We also noticed a trend in fast, healthy foods that went beyond a nutritional bar. The Buttermilk Company features fresh made-to-order Indian food packets that can be made in less than five minutes; this unique food concept initially launched with a handful of recipes and now crowd-sources its new launches. Emerging wellness brands are looking to not only better our lives with easy access, high-nutrition foods, but also want to help those that are less fortunate and who do not have access to nutritious food. This Bar Saves Lives is on a mission to end world hunger—for each bar purchased, the company provides a nutritional support bar to a child in need, while Live Pure Foods provides a week of meals to children in Kenya with each sale of its frozen ready-to-blend organic, plant-based smoothie cubes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t underestimate the allure of CBD and its growing acceptance among consumers; you can find it in supplements, topical beauty products, chocolates, powders, patches, tea, and coffee.
  2. Adaptogens come in all forms and are crossing categories; consumers are becoming more educated on this topic and are looking to incorporate them into their daily lives.
  3. Fast food is no longer nutritiously deficient. There is a group of young entrepreneurs that believes you can have good-quality healthy express foods that come in all forms and feel that they have a responsibility to give back.
  4. Mindfulness, wellness, transparency, and beauty go hand in hand. Consumers are looking for authenticity and transparency, and in today’s fast-paced world are pausing to see what is actually in their products and also taking a few moments (or seconds) out of each day to be mindful about how they are thinking and their personal self-care.

FounderMade allows you to discover the most innovative brands in wellness, beauty, and food. Mark your calendar for upcoming FounderMade events:

New York – June 26, 2019

Los Angeles – October 26, 2019

Photo: Panel conference

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