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Don’t know much about meditation or everything else, but exercise IS good for you. I did my undergrad in Exercise and Sport Science and one of the biggest reasons for going to med school after was because of the missing link between doctors (who have the highest control and influence within healthcare) and exercise prescription. Doctors know exercise is good, hell, EVERYONE knows it’s good. But they don’t know HOW freaking amazing it is, nor do they rarely ever know how to properly and safely prescribe it, which is understandable as exercise isn’t a huge part of med school’s curriculum. One of my professors is a leading geriatrician and she has done and continues to do a lot of research that gets funded millions on exercise for the elderly population. Not blaming the doctors (there’s more to it than laziness) but a lot of them are a little trigger happy on prescription for the elderly (at least here in Aus), and it’s just this cycle of prescribing medication to treat symptoms CAUSED by previous meds etc etc. I’ve been a part of studies during my undergrad and clinical placements where my mind was blown away by the transformations. One of my most memorable experiences was watching an old frail man with high risk of falls, sarcopenia (low muscle mass), low BMD, history of fractures, dementia, etc. who was on 11 different medications in a nursing home, basically waiting for death to take him. The professor, after extensive discussion with the nursing home’s GP, managed to whittle down the medications to just 1- this was after a lot of arguments mind you. And three months into the exercise program, this guy could walk two hundred meters, leg press 100kg and most importantly, not be held down my passive restraints (look these up, it’s pretty depressing). Look, exercise isn’t a magic bullet. It’s not going to cure cancer or cure you from all your problems. But it helps address and augment A LOT of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, depression, high cholesterol, dementia, osteoarthritis, etc. Young and relatively healthy individuals can pretty much just use the internet to find what exercises to do. Although anything is better than nothing for the really unfit. But for the elderly, or the clinical? Leave it to the experts. Exercise Physiologists don’t get enough credit, but a lot of my friends have spent years learning how to safely and properly exercise the clinical population (ALWAYS USING EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE), and are super passionate and keen about addressing the cause, not just the symptoms. And there was a huge emphasis on the psychological, physical and social barriers preventing exercise, so they know how to address these issues too, or like good health professionals, send them off to the GP or an exercise psychologist. Sorry this was long, but it triggers me when people sweep exercise into the same bullshit category as super foods and healing crystals. It’s not. It’s been proven by thousands of studies for decades to be excellent for ANYONE. You think CVD, osteoporosis, low muscle mass etc just comes from being old? Lol, no. Exercise isn’t gonna stop you from aging, but trust me, it’s gonna keep you moving and independent for a hell lot longer.

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