CBD oil, anyone else? : quittingkratom

So I’ve been using kratom heavily since February. I go through a pound per 1-2 weeks. Not sure how many oz that is per day. 🤷🏼‍♀️

So I tried tapering before with just agmatine and black seed oil, but I’d instantly feel excruciating RLS symptoms throughout my whole body. Awful anxiety. So I never ended up sticking with it.

Recently I bought some ThoughtCloud CBD oil and a kandy Rubi vape pen to vape the oil. Let me tell you… I haven’t had ONE WD symptom since vaping it. I’ve been able to cut back significantly without feeling any RLS or anxiety. I haven’t even woken up in the night or morning physically “needing” a dose to calm the rls. Anyone else experienced this before? I can’t believe it! I was really hoping that the CBD oil would help me quit and I think it just might.

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