How to Sober Up When You’re Too High


According to The Colorado Pot Guide, taking a nap is a highly effective way to come down quickly. They basically say, if you’re too high, you need to take your high self to sleep for 30 minutes. However, they also mention that if you’re going to take a nap, you should probably set an alarm so that you don’t fall asleep longer than you intended. I’ve done this before, so you can trust me when I say: it works. 

Shower And Go For A Walk 

One of the most lit things to do when you’re high is to take a long shower. Apparently, it can also help you come down if you’re too high. In an article from Mel Magazine, Junella Chen, a biochemist and medical cannabis advocate, explained what to do. According to Chen, a shower and long walk right after smoking can help you relax, and will release endorphins in your brain to help digest the THC faster. 

CBD Oil 

Despite how backwards this may sound, CBD oil can also help you sober up. In the same interview with Mel Magazine, Chen explains that THC and CBD have an “antagonistic effect on each other.” Basically, taking CBD can help you mellow out and center you when the THC becomes too much.

Wait It Out

You made it to the end of the list, and I feel like we’re friends now, so I’m gonna be totally honest: sometimes when you’re too stoned, it’s best just to wait it out. Weed is completely safe, even in large quantities that cause you to freak out and want to sober up immediately, but, it’s important to understand there is no way to instantly sober up. The options listed above all take some time, and work differently on different people. Ultimately, if you just wait, you will become sober. I promise. 

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