Joliet area Family Videos selling CBD oils in stores

CBD oils are rising in popularity, with even Family Video now selling the product out of its stores in Joliet and Minooka.

The two Family Video stores started selling CBD oil after Levi Dinkla, the president of Family Video’s parent company, began using them for relief from a back injury, Assistant District Manager Bobbie Cutcher said.

Dinkla shared his experience with CBD oil with Family Video President Keith Hoogland, who was dealing with his own elbow pain.

“It led us to get into something that we believe can help people,” said Oliver Owen, regional directer of operations.

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is a chemical found in cannabis plants. It is used to help ease pain and anxiety and improve cognition.

Within the Family Video regional area, which includes Iowa and northern Illinois, 24 out of 45 stores sell CBD oil, Cutcher said.

Family Video went through an in-depth search for a manufacturer that met their direct needs and to “find the most clean, healthy oil,” Owen said, adding that the company searched for a supplier that had high standards and provided oil containing no THC.

The company Natural Native provides the CBD oil. The Family Video company also trains its employees to educate customers interested in purchasing the product, Owen said.

“We went through 200 to 250 companies that sell CBD to find a reliable CBD seller,” Cutcher said.

The products sold include a QR code on the bottle, which when scanned takes the person to the oil’s lab report.

“We want to get the information out there, so we can talk to customers and collect stories. That’s where we’ve made a difference,” Owen said.

Family Video does not need special certifications to sell CBD oil, but certain stores enforce a nonregulatory rule where only customers 18 and older can buy it, because the product is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

“No one within the village has to regulate it as of right now,” Minooka Village Administrator Dan Duffy said.

Not all Family Video stores sell CBD oil but more are starting, Owen said.

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